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  • Product: Electrical off-circuit tap changer
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Off-circuit electric cage-form tap-changer(WSLD series),The specification of the product is rated voltage 66KV(highest voltage for equipment 72.5 kV) and below, rated current 2000A and below.   WSLD series electrical off-circuit tap changer   This type of tap changer is comprised by electric drive mechanism,tap changer body and electric controller with two kinds of specifications standing-type and horizontal-type, it is suitable for oil-immersed furnace transformer with Highest voltage for equipment 72.5kV and below, rated current 630A and below, They must be working under non-energized condition, It can be operated by electric drive or handle drive.   Product features of round type electrical device created by Tenglong Company: (1)Transformer cover's round installation opening is smaller and power balance, so its sealing function is better than that of the square's. (2)Reduce the complex components will make the structure more compact and enable high transmission reliability. (3)The round electric operator operates freely and steadily with a high quality of gear shift and small noise. (4)Round Series electrical device's voltage regulating can reach 30 grades and above which leave more space for transformer designing. It's superior to the others. (5)This patent round electrical switch is in simple structure, advanced function and lower costs. It is economical and safe!    
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